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Coming events: January 31 and February 14: The Brexit Game (click for more info on how to join)

Brexit: Total chaos and panic. Everyone wonders in what direction the UK is going and what this will mean for all those innocent civilians. There's too much confusion, insecurity, fighting and uncertainty. 

Buro Brexit intends to be part of the solution. Bureau Brexit will shed some light on these complicated matters and offers a helping hand to all those worried British and/or European citizens and will provide them with answers to all their burning questions about the future of the UK and Europe.

Buro Brexit is an initiative of a number of concerned artists, trying to provide the public with a conceptual experience to support them during this time of dreadful confusion. Allow the artists to take you with them in a continuously changing installation, mirroring all Brexit developments. Ask your questions, partake in discussions, stress, relax, have some peasoup, vent your frustrations and show your feelings; and don's forget to smile.

Bob Bakhuijsen,Rinzo,Rob van der Schoor,Rob Schrama,Martijn Troost,Joram Baruch,DJ Vage Paul,The Floorkillrz,Jabbedude,Fons van Tienen,Wim Komhoff,Femke Moedt,Henk Jans,Rachelle Meyer
Internet promotion by Joop Kiefte and Jasper Sevenhuijssen

Buro Brexit kicks off on January 10 at 7pm and continues till March 1. Free entrance


HKU at NDSM-Fuse


Ontwerpen vanuit een fascinatie op
lokatie, bewonder de werken van de
studenten en kijk met een vernieuwde
blik rond op de NDSM.

Opening at 14th january at 17.00u

Exhibition from 14th-19th january



7th exposition of the artists of NDSM January 31 till May 10 
Curated by Rombout Oomen

Theme Visual Communications.
Details to follow.

Festive opening January 31



Interactive sculpture by Daniella Rubinovitz

Art is often untouchable. But this is a piece you’re asked to move and make your own. Made of rotatable parts, participants can express their vision and share it with others on social media. They influence the meaning of this installation. By interacting they explore the physical and emotional aspect of PLAY.

“It’s about touching the art and having influence on the image. This uses your autonomy; you make the decision about what the image will say. You have permission to express what you see and make it real and then share it with others.”

AMSTERDAM- Daniella Rubinovitz, artist, created the interactive sculpture PLAY. The project consists of 5 figures that have moveable limbs and heads. The concept is that people can physically create new scenes and share them with others. This is done on their own and/or in collaboration with others.

The sculpture will be available for 2 months at NDSM Fuse Gallery. 13 February- 5 April. Festive opening is on 20 February.
Play is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)



You can't Paint that
Smash the Narrative Art Prize 2020

March 7 starts the exhibition of some of the best artists from all over the world. For details check the site of www.Smash the narrative



Casuluz light installation by Tiago Sa da Costa 
More info on this project on


Cadavre Exquis is an ongoing art project by Hopebox and can be joined and experienced on the Fuse floor by all our visitors!   


Tekstschrijven voor kunstenaars

Je bent kunstenaar en wilt een tekst over je eigen werk schrijven? Je moet een aanvraag doen voor een subsidie maar krijgt het niet op papier?
In deze cursus wordt in een korte reeks lessen een handvat gegeven voor het schrijven van een goede tekst....

Iedere maandag om 19u vanaf 3 februari 
Locatie: NDSM Fuse, Kunststad, NDSM plein, Amsterdam.

min 2 – max 10 deelnemers
E15,- per les ; NL94 INGB 0004846679 t.n.v. Stichting la Jetée
inschrijven en info: 


NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam



Telefoon +31 (0)6 2150 6113