EXHIBITION    01.09 - 18.09.2022


Before it finds its way into personal possession, linen’s value emerges from being laborious to manufacture, a process, which makes its natural fibres forever strong and absorbent. Following this birth, its ongoing presence is linked to the home: reminiscent of a mother’s linen cupboard, a grandmother’s linen chest, time and time again, lining the family’s beds, bathrooms, tables, and windows.

Passed down through generations, the durable material traverses and embodies the memory of familial experience and emotion. Grief, trauma, loss, but also resilience, regrowth and triumph are profoundly personal, whilst communal in the universality of human experience.

Tahney Fosdike

During the Pandemic lockdown, Art Aviso Artists were provided with an A4-sized piece of linen/cotton fabric reclaimed from vintage tablecloths and remnants. The linen was to be used as the foundation for an artwork. The completed artworks were sent from all over the world and joined together to create an installation artwork – a communal expression of the current state of the world in which we live.

About Art Aviso
Art Aviso is an online arts community dedicated to connecting and empowering artists, galleries and art lovers. Art Aviso provides like-minded people, opportunities to share their work and creative ideas, helping to facilitate interaction and collaboration amongst artists, creators, galleries and institutions.

EXHIBITION    03.09.22 - 29.01.2023    WUNDERKAMMER


At the exhibition NDSM TOEN (NDSM PAST), photos, objects and models bring the NDSM of the past back to life; from the moment of the design on a drawing board to the building and launching of a ship, the coupling phase of a supertanker and various repair activities until the end of the shipyard in 1984.

Since Brass Band Tuindorp (BBT) provided the musical accompaniment for the launching of ships from 1946 to 1979 and is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, they have also been given a place in this exhibition. In a bird's eye view they will present the history of 100 years of Brass Band.

In the Wunderkammer-mini, a continuous film is shown about the construction of ms. Oranje, coupled with two videos of BBT, in which former members talk about Tuindorp and the brass band in particular, followed by a piece of music specially composed for BBT.

In addition to this exhibition, there will be the opportunity to wander through the shipbuilding shed, where historical relicts from the NDSM era are still present. Via a QR-code it is explained what these objects or places have been used for. In this way, the NDSM-Herleeft Foundation tries to create more interest in the nautical industrial history of this shipyard and to make visible the achievements of many thousands of workers.

Organisation: NDSM-Herleeft Foundation in cooperation with NDSM FUSE and Harmoniecorps Tuindorp

EXHIBITION    08.09 - 18.09.2022


The Amsterdam Pop-up Print Gallery wants to introduce everyone to a wide spectrum of graphic art, from screen printing to digital print, from stencil printing to litho. The 2nd edition of the Amsterdam Pop-up Print Gallery shows the work of 27 contemporary graphic artists from Amsterdam.

Archaeopteryx - Marisa Rappard, Jan Baas, Henriette Boerendans, Barbara Collé & Uta Neumann, 
Herma Deenen, Hilly van Eerten, Edwin Emmens, Dorien Farjon, Olga Ganzha, Agnes van Genderen, Ellen Huijsmans,
Els Kocken, Hannah Kockx, Wilma Laarakker, Vivian Mac Gillavry, Carrie Meijer, Yvonne Metzemaekers, Herman Mulder,
Ursula Neubauer, Frits Nolte, Vian Oostendorp, Elma Oosterhoff, Bernet Ragetli, Carola Rombouts, Marli Turion, Lies Verdenius

The Amsterdam Pop-up Print Gallery is part of the graphic arts triennial Grafiek22

EXHIBITION    29.04 - 18.09.22


Image Vladimir Hristov


The Odyssey is Homer's epic about Odysseus' journey to Ithaca. A journey full of challenges, misery, monsters and temptations. The stories include betrayal, but also cleverness and love, endurance, creativity and hope. A metaphor for man's journey through life and the search for its meaning.

Heroic stories like this one are found in cultures all over the world, for as long as mankind has existed. They are sung about in literature, films and games. And the hero is man himself, who is confronted with the problems of all times: temptation, corruption, waste, self-centredness, escapism, ignorance, intolerance, abuse of power.

How does contemporary man deal with these? How do we deal with them? Do we close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by the wind or do we swim against the current and overcome the whirlpools and dangers that threaten to devour us, like Odysseus?

The exhibition is arranged in such a way that the viewer can map out a journey for him/herself along the great variety of works of art with which the artists have responded to the theme, such as:

The journey as a spiritual experience 

The journey that reflects and comments

The journey as a sensual experience 

The journey through the subconscious

The journey as an escape from reality

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Kunstenaars: Lennaart Allan, Guévørk Aivazian, Lies Aris, Sietse H. Bakker, Joris Berger, Simone Boon, Vincent Boschma,
Allard Boterenbrood, Rika Maja Duevel, Ester Eva Damen, Simon Floter, Fabien Gruau, Frank Hietbrink, Vladimir Hristov,
Ossa Kierkegaard, Esther Kin, Ellen Klijzing, Nanny Kok, DH Mack, Helena Kaori Maeda, Femke Moedt,
Hanneke De Munck, Benny Van Der Plank, Pieter Post, Ana Queen, Paul Rinzo, Regina Rorije, Jan Seelen, Helga Van Stralen, Elvira Vroomen, Marius Van Zandwijk

FESTIVAL    24.09 - 25.09.2022


© Hand of Fatima

From pottery to sustainable fashion design and from Japanese lacquerware to Turkish ebru: craftspeople from home and abroad share their knowledge and skills with the public during workshops, master classes and demonstrations. Experience for yourself how it feels to make something beautiful with your hands.

Workshops, master classes and much more...
The NDSM Loods will be transformed into a large public workshop, where more than 90 participating craftsmen will give workshops and master classes all day long. There will also be demonstrations and exhibitions, a catering square with vegan food and drinks, tastings and food workshops. Various vocational schools and museums will also present themselves. There is a cinema with an ongoing documentary program and a materials fair. In short, a great, inspiring happening.

EXHIBITION     01.10.2022 - 26.03.2023


Image Allard Boterenbrood

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly a part of our lives. The system, which reduces reality to mathematical units by creating and applying algorithms, is used daily in search engines, apps, city planning, financial markets, global logistics, surveillance and in many more applications.

The quest to create a machine that functions like a human being is centuries old. Greek and Chinese myths already told of mechanical man-made beings, an ideal image of man himself. Not only storytellers were fascinated by this phenomenon, but scientists and artists also tried to create life themselves. Leonardo da Vinci pieced together a knight and in the 19th century automatons were made, wind-up birds and dolls that ate, drank and defecated.
But it wasn't until the 20th century with the advent of the computer that the development of AI, a self-thinking machine, began. And not just a machine that removes our physical limitations but also supports and enhances the capabilities of the human brain.

The invention of printing introduced human beings to other ways of thinking and that changed their view of the world. Similarly, AI makes us look with new eyes at our sense of autonomy and the idea of authorship. What is truth and what is reality? And how to think about morality and privacy?

This exhibition features works by artists responding to AI. Artists who use AI to create new works. Artists who oppose and artists who connect with it, but also artists who approach it scientifically. Artists influenced by the world of games and SF. Artists who question our experience of reality and who socially critically comment on AI development with humour or, on the contrary, express their concerns about it.

Curator: Ellen Klijzing

Artists: Tom Bekkers, Vincent Boschma, Simone Boon, Jan Borren, Allard Boterenbrood, Hilbrand Bos, Ania Drupka,
Rika Maja Duevel, Fabien Gruau, Vladimir Hristov , Ossa Kierkegaart, Esther Kin, Nanny Kok, Bas Kosters, Deniz Kurt, DH Mack, Lou Moison, Manuel Pellegrini, Giulia Principe, Cedric La Quieze, Paul Rinzo, Ivano Salonia, Henk Schut, Jan Selen,
Bart-jan Steerenberg, Hilde Tuinstra, Kevin Walker




CADAVRE EXQUIS is a continuous artwork by Rienke Enghardt. CADAVRE EXQUIS is based on a children’s game that has been played all over the world for centuries. At the start of the last century the surrealists recognized the game as an expression of art and gave it its illustrious name. CADAVRE EXQUIS playful drawings that since developed give an impression of the zeitgeist of the turbulent years between the two world wars.

At NDSM FUSE is a permanent CADAVRE EXQUIS table with paper and pencils. The collected drawings, made by more than a thousand artists and visitors, displayed on the wall next to the table give an impression of today’s zeitgeist.

OPENING HOURS thu-sun 12:00-18:00


Unfortunately NDSM FUSE is not wheelchair accessible, but soon that will change


NDSM-plein 29
1033 WC Amsterdam


T +31 (0)6 21 50 61 13


NDSM Treehouse
NDSM Foundation

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